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Fish Dinner Order form


Below is an online order form.  
1. Please choose your dinner options and the quantity

2. Choose French Fries or Baked Potato OR

        replace them with Macaroni & Cheese for an extra $1.50

3. Fill in your name, contact number, email, and select an approximate time to pick the food up.

4. One of our volunteers will call/text you at least 15 minutes before your food will be ready.

Please watch for unusual numbers as we are using several different phones to confirm orders.

We will give you a total and confirm a pickup time when we call/text you. 
This is completely new to us this year so please be flexible if things don't go as planned.  Thank you!

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Please select the sides for dinners.
Reminder each dinner comes with either fries, a baked potato, or subsitute for Mac N Cheese.
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