About us

Welcome to Hastings Fire Department Inc.

Hastings Fire Department Inc., a volunteer organization organized for the protection of life and property from fire, and to aid in any emergency arising throughout the community.


Our Motto is “If it’s a fire we’ll fight it.”



We have a long standing commitment to our community and are available any time of day or night to respond in your darkest, or brightest hour.  We do not hesitate to respond and help anyone who is in need in our community, or in any of our neighboring communities that are in need.  The department trains monthly, and our members take it upon themselves to do additional training above and beyond to be able to provide the best service we can to our community.  If you’re interested, please check out the Join Us! Section of our site and contact us for more information.


We’d like to thank the community for supporting our efforts the past 60 years, and look forward to being there for another 50 years and beyond.  We’re not in it for the glory, simply to help those who might be in need.

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