Welcome to the virtual home of the Hastings Fire Department.  We strive to provide information on our department and the community we are here to serve.  We also strive to provide a comprehensive list of links to the local departments we work closely with, as well as many other local, state and federal government links that are associated with the health and safety of our community.  We invite you in to peruse photographs of our station, equipment, historic times and action shots of training. 





Fish Dinners are back!!


Friday March 4th we introduce our full menu which will continue every Friday until April 15th!!!!

Click here for the Friday menu




Do you want to give back to your community? 



We need members just like you and it's not all running into burning buildings!!


If you have a few extra hours a month and want to help us by taking notes during our meetings, we can use your help!


If you want to give back and help during our fundraisers, we can use your help!


Volunteering is down across the country.  Only you can help by giving a hand!!

Apply today.




Have you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors lately??



Have you checked the date on your smoke detectors?



Click on this link to bring you to a home safety checklist. 

 Everyone should go through this 2 times a year minimum!!!!


Did you know that Hastings has divers?

Check out our dive team page for more info and to see some pictures.


We will Never Forget!!

September 11th 2001

Do you remember how you felt that day?




Do you have a home escape plan?  Visit our files section for a home fire safety survey to help you through this very important process.


  When is the last time you replaced your smoke detector batteries?  If you don't have a smoke detector to check please get one it can save your life!!



It is NYS law that you must have a carbon monoxide detector in your house.  Do you have yours?




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